How to Display Multiple Authors on Your Site

You have at least five different options for displaying authors using the Multiple Authors add-on.

Option #1: Below the content

By default, the add-on will display the author box below the content.

You can disable this in the PublishPress setting by unchecking the option “Append to the content”:

The image below shows a WordPress post with three authors selected. The names of the authors show, and so do their avatars:

Option #2. Using the Widget

When you install the add-on, Multiple Authors automatically creates a widget that you can use to show the authors.

Go to Appearance > Widgets, and you can position your widget in any sidebar or widget area. The image below is a preview of how the widget may appear:

Option #3. Using the Shortcode

With the shortcode you can display the author box in any part of the content. Just add this shortcode to the content:

This shortcode can be customized. You can choose from these layouts:
  • simple_list
  • centered
  • boxed
  • inline

You can also decide whether or not to show the title, using show_title=”true” or show_title=”false”.

Here’s an example of that more detailed shortcode:

Option #4. Editing Your Theme or Plugin

The Multiple Authors add-on allows you to show author details in your plugin or theme.

You can use the action “pp_multiple_authors_show_author_box” to display the author box programmatically:

<?php do_action( 'pp_multiple_authors_show_author_box' ); ?>

Click here for more details on expanding on this code snippet.

Option #5. Using the Default WordPress Author Display

PublishPress can modify the default author display. This feature works on some themes, but not all. This mixed compatability is because some theme designers add their own customizations to this author output. However, Multiple Authors also allows you to modify your theme and control the display.

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