Block Access to Uploaded WordPress Files

PressPermit Pro allows you to stop unwanted access to your uploaded WordPress files.

This guide focuses on people or search engines who try to access your files directly via the URL.

After installing PressPermit Pro, go to Permissions > Settings > File Access.

By default, PressPermit Pro will block direct URL access to images and other uploaded files in the WordPress /uploads/ folder if they are attached to posts that the user cannot read.

That means that if you have a post called “Private” and attach an image, that image will NOT be visible unless the user has access to the “Private” post.

This PressPermit Pro feature works by using a .htaccess file. To make it work, click the link you see at the bottom of this screenshot.

You will then see the message, “File attachment access keys and rewrite rules were regenerated for this site.”

If you upload new media regularly, we recommend that you set up a cron job to target this URL regularly.

Once you have setup PressPermit Pro, people trying to access files directly will get a 404 error unless you have given them access.

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