Getting Started With Notifications in PublishPress

PublishPress notifications keep you and your team up-to-date on changes to your content.

You can control when notifications are sent, who receives them, and what details they contain.

You can have multiple notifications set up for different combinations of events, content types, categories and more. You can also send the notifications via email or Slack.

A Video Guide to Notifications

The Default Notifications

You can add as many notifications as you like.

To introduce you to the power of notifications, PublishPress installs with two examples:

  1. Notify when content is published: this sends an email to Site Administrators whenever content is moved to the “Published” status.
  2. Notify on editorial comments: this sends an email to Site Administrators whenever an editorial comment is added.

This next image shows you an example of an email sent from the default “Notify when content is published” notification:

Customizing Your Notifications

You can see those four choices in this image below:

Further Reading

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