Getting Started With Editorial Comments in PublishPress

One very important feature in PublishPress is editorial comments. You can leave comments under each post you write. This is a private conversation between writers and editors and allows you to discuss what needs to be changed before publication.

  • Look below the post's writing area and you'll see “Editorial Comments”.
  • Click the “Add an editorial comment” button.
  • You will now be able to leave a comment. Click “Add Comment” when you're done.

It is possible to have comment threads, just as you would in a normal comments area. To make this work, click “Reply” next to a particular comment:

Here's how the threaded comments will appear:

Notifying Other Users About Comments

You can also choose who is notified about your comment by using the “Notify” box, on the right of the screen. The notification that is sent can be customized using PublishPress notifications.

Enabling and Disabling Editorial Comments

You can enable and disable comments by going to the “General” tab in PublishPress settings:

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