Control Editing Permissions for WordPress Content

The PublishPress Permissions plugin allows you to customize editing access for WordPress content.

Open any post and you’ll see a metabox under the content. This box will have with the label, “Permissions: Edit this Post”. You can choose permissions for each role.

This box allows you to choose “Enabled” or “Blocked” for any user role.

  • Enabled: Anyone in this user role can edit this post.
  • Blocked: Anyone in this user role can NOT edit this post.

You can click the “Groups” tab and choose editing permissions for supplemental groups.

You can also click the “Users” tab and choose “Enabled” or “Blocked” for individual users.

These settings also apply for other post types. For example, this is the metabox that you will see under Pages. In this case, the editing permissions can also be applied to sub-pages:

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