Overview of Series Shortcodes

PublishPress Series Shortcodes is a feature in the Pro version of PublishPress Series.

This provides a set of WordPress shortcodes that allow you insert series information into posts.

There are five shortcodes available:


This shortcode enables you to insert a table of contents for a series wherever you want in a post. It is “smart” – which means if you use this shortcode, without any parameters, within a post that is part of a series, it will automatically output the series post list box for that post.


Returns a list of posts within an indicated series, or the list of posts for the series this post belongs to.


This is probably one of the most powerful shortcodes because of all the options you have.  This shortcode is used to output the table of contents for the series you have written.  What's cool about this is the amount of control over the series that are displayed.


This outputs the series meta strip. The default is series title, part number, number of posts in series. However, you can also customize the output of this shortcode using the same %tokens% you used on the series options page.


This outputs the series navigation strip used to smartly navigate through the various posts in a series.  Like the series meta shortcode, you can also customize the output here with the same %tokens% found in the series options page.

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