Shortcode: [series_nav]

[series_nav] is a shortcode is in the Pro version of PublishPress Series. It outputs the series navigation information for a particular series. This is the series navigation strip that automatically displays the next and previous post in a series. The default layout is determined by what you have in the “Series Post Navigation” template found on the Series Options page.

How to use the [series_nav] shortcode

[series_nav] if you add this shortcode to a post that is a part of a series, the shortcode will show the series navigation. The display will use the layout found in the “Series Post Navigation” template in the Series Options page.

Advanced use of the [series_nav] shortcode

It is also possible to use two versions of this shortcode and customize the layout. For example:


The content between the “series_nav” tags will be used for this display.  You can use the %tokens% found in the legend on the Series Options page. 

A neat trick would be to split up the shortcode using the %next_post% and %previous_post% tokens so you can display the links in totally different sections of the post. For example, you can place your post content between these shortcodes:

[series_nav]Click here to go to %next_post%[/series_nav]

[series_nav]Click here to go to the %previous_post%[/series_nav]

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