Shortcode: [series_meta]

[series_meta] is a shortcode in the Pro version of PublishPress Series. This outputs the series meta information for a particular series. The layout is determined by what you have in the “Series Meta” template found on the Series Options page. This image shows how the meta information displays:

Series Meta 2
Series Meta 2

How to use the [series_meta] shortcode

If you add [series_meta] to a post that is part of a series, then the series meta will be output for that series.

[series_meta series={series_id}] works in the same way, however you can choose a specific series ID. An example usage would be [series_meta series=2] if the series ID is 2.

It's also possible to use a double shortcode, as in this example:

[series_meta]Part %series_part% of %total_posts_in_series% in the series %series_title%[/series_meta]

The content between the “series_meta” tags is what will be used for the display.  You can use the %tokens% found in the legend on the series options page. 

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