PublishPress Theme

PublishPress Theme

The PublishPress Theme is optimized for WordPress content creators

PublishPress Authors The PublishPress Theme is for universities, magazines, newspapers, and anyone who creates great content with WordPress. The theme is fully integrated with all the PublishPress plugins and WooCommerce.

The PublishPress Theme is simple, but also highly customizable. You can choose colors, backgrounds, widths, Google Fonts, and much more.

The main features of the PublishPress Theme

Add all your authors in WordPress

Customize almost everything

With the PublishPress Theme you can decide the colors, backgrounds, fonts, widths, and much more.

Google Fonts support

Choose from hundreds of available Google fonts for your menus, content, and headings. 

Customize the header

The PublishPress Theme supports three different header types: relative (default), sticky, and fixed. You can decide from four available layouts to display the logo and menus.

Load your own Javascript and CSS

You can easily add your CSS, Javascript, or analytics code in the theme's head or body. This means you don't have to rely on third party plugins which keeps your WordPress site will be lighter and faster.

WooCommerce support

The PublishPress Theme is fully integrated with WooCommerce. You can display a shopping cart in the main menu and all theme has custom designs for all WooCommerce pages.

PublishPress Authors integration

The PublishPress Theme is optimized to work with the PublishPress Authors plugin. You can easily show guest authors and multiple authors per post.

Customize the sidebars and footers

The PublishPress Theme allows you to customize your site's sidebar, including width, background, colors, and more. The footer includes several different column sets and sizes.

Boxed layout support

The PublishPress Theme comes with two layouts: full width and boxed. If you enable the boxed layout, you can add a custom background color or image.

Need more features? Get PublishPress Pro!

If you buy the Pro version, you'll get more features, plus fast and advanced technical support.

PublishPress Theme

Get the PublishPress Theme for free

Tons of options to customize the theme with colors, backgrounds, fonts, styles, sizes, width and more
5 Sidebars that you can customize
Support for hundreds of Google Fonts
Full width and boxed layout mode
Customize the header layout
Add custom javascript and CSS in head and body
Easy to update
Advanced Gutenberg support
PublishPress Authors integration in frontend
WooCommerce support
Hide title for individual posts and pages
Breadcrumbs support
2 templates for pages: default and no sidebar

PublishPress Theme

Get the PublishPress Theme for free

Remove PublishPress ads and branding
Priority, personal support

PublishPress Theme

Get the PublishPress Theme for free


  • PublishPress Theme 1.0.1


  • WordPress 5
  • PHP 5.6