Troubleshooting in PublishPress Future

If your posts are not being unpublished at the correct time, this guide will help. Please follow through all the steps to check

Step #1. Are cron tasks being created?

Start by checking your cron tasks. If you do not see an event called postExpiratorExpire then your unpublishing has not been scheduled correctly.

Step #2. Are your cron jobs working?

Post Expirator relies on cron jobs to unpublish your content. This post has technical details on how it works.

  • Using WP Cron? You can use this plugin to check if WP Cron is working.
  • Using a server-level cron job? Please check with your hosting company if you are using cron jobs on your server.

Step #3. Check your debug logs

PublishPress Future also has a debug option. Go to Future > Diagnostics and click “Enable Debugging”. After you have done that, you will see the logs under Future > Advanced > View Debug Logs.

Is the information in those logs correct? These logs can be read by non-technical users. For example, the first line in that image shows that a post with the ID of “10” is set to “delete” on “Fri, 03 Sep 2021”.

If you remain stuck, you can send us that information to help us see what's going on with your site.

Debug Log
Debug Log

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