PublishPress Capabilities allows you to control permissions for post statuses in WordPress.

This option will appear if you have the PublishPress Permissions plugin installed. These plugins both create custom statuses.

Custom statuses are an important feature when you're creating an editorial workflow in WordPress. These statuses show what stage your content is at in your workflow.

  • After you enabled the setting, go to the “Capabilities” screen in your WordPress admin area.
  • You will be able to check the box and allow each user role to move content to each status:

But wait … it goes much deeper. You can make it even better with PublishPress Permissions. If this plugin is installed, you can enable much more detailed options for each status. The image below shows the same screen as the image above – only with PublishPress Permissions installed.

With PublishPress Permissions installed, each status has five options and these can be configured for each post type:

  • Set: Move content to this status.
  • Edit: Edit your own content in this status.
  • Edit others: Edit content written by other users in this status.
  • Delete: Delete your content in this status.
  • Delete others: Delete content written by other users in this status.