Overview of Series Grouping

The Free version PublishPress Series can group posts together in series.

The Pro version of PublishPress Series has feature called Series Grouping that gives you the ability to put series together in groups!

An example use case

One of the common case uses I've heard from people requesting this feature is the following: You are using your blog to write a book over a bunch of posts. The posts in each series are chapters in a book (chapter 1 is a post in a book). This way people can easily navigate through the different chapters. What if, however, the book is actually part of a series of books.  In this case you'd want a way to present the Books as a part of a group. This is where Series Grouping would come in to solve the problem.

How to add Series to Group

You can either do this when creating a series OR you can use the “Quick Edit” feature on the “Manage Series” page and check off the “groups” that the Series belongs to.  

There is also a “Manage Series Groups” page for adding, editing, and deleting existing series groups.

Series Groups
Series Group

How to Display the Groups

When it comes to displaying the series in their groups and laying out the information there is a little bit more work involved as of the latest version.  Inside the organize-series-grouping folder is a file labeled orgseries-grouping-template-tags.php.  Within this file are all the various tags that you can use to call and output the various Series Grouping data.  

At the moment, if you are familiar with the WordPress theme system and basic PHP skills you should have no problem with displaying the grouping data.  However, it will be a bit challenging for someone looking for something right out of the box.

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