Overview of Groups in Series Pro

The Free version of PublishPress Series can organize individual posts together into a series.

The Pro version of PublishPress Series has feature called Series Grouping that gives you the ability to put series together in groups.

One of the common case uses is for book authors. Imagine you are using your blog to write a book. The posts in each series are chapters in a book. Then you write a second book, and this new becomes the second part of a group of books. In this case you'd want a way to present the Books as a part of a group.

Another example is movies. The Star Wars movies had three series of movies, forming one larger group. This image below gives a visual example of how three series can be combined into one group:

Star Wars
Star Wars

The URL structure for these groups looks like this: example.com/series_group/series-name

How to add a Series to a Group

You can either do this when creating a series OR you can use the “Quick Edit” feature on the “Manage Series” page and check off the “groups” that the Series belongs to.  

Add To Group
Add To Group

There is also a “Series Groups” page for adding, editing, and deleting existing series groups.

Series Groups
Series Group

How to Display the Groups

PublishPress Series arrives with a default layout for your groups, as you can see in the image below:

Groups Overview
Groups Overview

You can customize this display using the taxonomy-series_group.php file. You will find this in /publishpress-series-pro/includes-pro/addons/grouping/theme/primary/.

  • Copy the file wp-content/plugins/publishpress-series-pro/includes-pro/addons/grouping/theme/primary/taxonomy-series_group.php
  • Copy the file into your theme or child theme's folder.
  • Customize the HTML to match the design of your theme.

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