User Groups in PublishPress

For larger organizations with many people involved in the publishing process, user groups help keep your workflow organized and informed.

To find the user settings, go to the PublishPress link in your WordPress admin area, and click the “User Groups” tab. By default, PublishPress provides four user groups: Copy Editors, Photographers, Reporters and Section Editors.

Currently, the most important user of user groups is Email Notifications, but we intend to expand the capabilities of user groups in future PublishPress releases.

Default user groups in PublishPress

You can keep, change, or delete the default user groups. New groups can be added on the left-hand side of the “User Groups” page:

Adding new user groups in PublishPress

Also in this area, you can decide which post types benefit from the User Groups features, such as notifications:

Controlling post types and user groups in PublishPress

Adding WordPress Users to a User Group

To control who is in a particular user group, click “Edit” under a group:

Adding users to a user group in PublishPress

You will now be able to add particular users to this group:

Choosing users to add to a user group in PublishPress

You can also control individual users by going to the “Users” menu inside WordPress. Edit a user and scroll down. You will be able to select their user groups:

Adding user groups to a user account

PublishPress User Groups and Permissions

Currently, PublishPress does not provide specific permissions for each user group. However, that capability is very much on our roadmap.
Right now, we recommend that use the default WordPress user role for permissions:
  • Editor: can publish and manage posts and pages. They can also manage the post and pages of other users.
  • Author: can publish and manage their own posts. Has no access to other post types.
  • Contributor: can write and manage their own posts, but cannot publish them. Has no access to other post types.
  • Subscriber: can only manage their user profile.
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