Notify Me: How to Manually Add Yourself to Notifications

One of the most powerful features in PublishPress is the Notifications system.

There are default Notification Workflows to send you updates when content changes. However, you can also manually choose whether to receive notifications for certain content.

This video shows you how to use this feature:

Underneath each content item, you can click a “Notify me” button. If you click this button, you well receive all the messages for this post that are set up in Notification Workflows.

If you click the “Notify me” link next to content, your name will be automatically added to the “Notify” box inside each post.

Using a slick search box, this “Notify” box allows you to choose which users and roles are being notified about a post. For example, these users and roles will now get an email whenever an editorial comment is added, or the post is moved to a new status.

To control what appears in “Active Notificiations”, use this setting inside each notification:

When it comes to the “Notify me” feature, you can also do this process in reverse and click “Stop notifying me” to receive no more notifications:

These options are also available from the Calendar and Content Overview screen. Click on the title of any content item, and the “Notify me” link will appear inside a pop-up:

These posts will now appear inside the “My Content Notifications” widget on your dashboard:

Disabling the “Notify me” Feature

Inside the “General” tab of PublishPress settings, you can disable this “Notify me” feature for different post types:

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