Custom Statuses in PublishPress

This feature allows you to create custom post statuses such as “In Progress” or “Assigned”. You can define statuses to match the stages of your team’s publishing workflow.

By default, WordPress provides you with a very limited set of status choices: “Draft” and “Pending Review”.

With PublishPress you’ll see a much wider range of options. When you first install PublishPress, you’ll see these extra statuses: “Pitch”, “Assigned”, and “In Progress”.

Controlling your own custom status

Go to “PublishPress” in the admin menu, and click the “Statuses” tab. You’ll see the screen below.

On the left side of the screen, you are able to add your own new statuses.

On the right side of the screen, you’ll see the current statuses. You can drag-and-drop statuses to set the best order for your workflow. By default, “Pitch” comes first, followed by “Assigned”, then “In Progress”, then “Draft” and finally “Pending Review”.

Click the “Options” tab and you can use PublishPress only for certain post types. In the image below, the BBPress plugin has created 3 more post types, and would assign this status to those post types.
The other option is “Always show dropdown”. If this is enabled, the dropdown box will always show inside the WordPress editor area. If this is not enabled, users will just see a small “edit” link, which is the default WordPress behavior.

The default post status

Out-of-the-box, “Pitch” is the default status. Every new content item will be given that status unless someone chooses a different status. Also deleting a post status will assign all posts to this default status.

You can change the default by clicking “Make Default” under another status:

Custom statuses in other areas of WordPress

Custom statuses are fully integrated into the rest of PublishPress and the WordPress admin. On the calendar and content overview screens you can filter your view to see only posts of a specific status. You can also see the statuses on the default Posts and Pages screens inside WordPress:

statuses on the default Posts and Pages screens

Here are your custom statuses inside the Quick Edit option of the default Pages screen:

custom statuses inside the Quick Edit option

Notifications based on statuses

You can send email notifications to selected users or user groups when a post changes status. Click here to read more about notifications.

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