Control Viewing Access to Specific Categories

PublishPress Permissions makes it possible to control who can view and read content with a specific category attached.

In this situation, “read” means “view”. So we're going to control who can see this content.

Don't get confused: there is a read permission in WordPress, but that controls more than just access to content.

Control Who Can Read Posts in Certain Categories

  • Install the PublishPress Permissions plugin.
  • Go to Posts > Categories.
  • Open the category that you want to control viewing access for.
  • Look underneath the category for the “Permissions: Read this Post” box:
Read Post Category
Read Post Category

This “Permissions: Read this Post” box allows you to customize who can read this post. You can choose permissions for Roles, Groups or even individual users.

For example, in the image above, everyone can read this post. Even people who no user account on your site can read this content.

However, you can change these settings so that only Administrators and Editors can read the post:

Read Post Category Blocked
Read Post Category Blocked

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