What Do WordPress Users See in the Admin Toolbar?

What Users See Toolbar

WordPress sites display an for all logged-in users. This is visible on the frontend of your site and also in the WordPress admin area.

This toolbar contains shortcuts to key features in WordPress. A user in the will only see a few features. A user in the may see a very busy toolbar, particularly on a site with many plugins.

In this blog post, we'll give you an introduction to what users in different roles may see in the admin toolbar. If you want to hide the admin toolbar for users, follow this guide.

Administrators and the Admin Toolbar

On a default WordPress site, users in the Administrator role will see four links under your site name:

  • Dashboard
  • Themes
  • Widgets
  • Menus
Administrator Menu 1
Administrator Menu 1

Administrators will also be able to see the “Customize” link and the “Comments” icon. Under the “New” button, they will be able to add content to any post type, plus media files and users.

Administrator Menu 2
Administrator Menu 2

Editors and the Admin Toolbar

Users in the have much more restricted choices in the admin toolbar. They can see comments, plus add new Posts, Media and Pages. They will not be able to add to any extra post types.

Editor Menu 2
Editor Menu 2

Authors and the Admin Toolbar

For users in the , the options will look very similar to those for Editors. However, Authors will not be able to add new Pages.

Author Menu 1
Author Menu 1

Contributors and the Admin Toolbar

For users in the , the options are restricted still further. Contributors can see comments and add new Posts.

Contributor Menu 1
Contributor Menu 1

Subscribers and the Admin Toolbar

Finally, when you get down to the Subscriber role, there are no options at all except for visiting the admin dashboard.

Subscriber Menu 1
Subscriber Menu 1

Some details to note

The images above show the admin toolbar on a default WordPress site:

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