Administrator Role

The “Administrator” role is one of the default user roles in WordPress, alongside “Subscriber”, “Contributor”, “Author” and “Editor”.

The Administrator role is the most powerful on a WordPress site. Administrators can go anywhere and change anything. People in the Administrator role can see every area of the WordPress admin area.

The PublishPress Statuses Plugin is Available

PublishPress Statuses is a new plugin that we’ve been working on for almost a year. Previously, we’ve had some support for custom statuses in other plugins including PublishPress Planner and PublishPress Permissions. However, custom statuses are a really important feature for WordPress publishers. We’ve had numerous requests to improve how statuses work in WordPress. So…

Pending Review or Draft? What’s the Difference in WordPress?

Here at PublishPress, our focus is on creating publishing workflows in WordPress. This includes allowing you to create custom statuses in WordPress. However, before moving on to more advanced workflows, people often need some clarity on the basic workflow features in WordPress. For example, what exactly is the difference between “Pending Review” and “Draft”?

Troubleshooting the Missing “Additional CSS” Tab in the WordPress Customizer

“Additional CSS” is a feature from WordPress core that was first introduced on WordPress 4.7. This feature was initially created to make it easier for users to customize their site’s CSS without the need for additional plugins or directly editing their theme. You can normally find this feature by navigating to Appearance -> Customize ->…

Can WordPress Authors Moderate Comments on Their Posts?

This week, a PublishPress customer wanted to understand the relationship between authors and comments their WordPress posts. The customer wanted to know if authors could see manage comments on their own posts. This tutorial is a guide to understanding the control that users have over comments on posts. You can also click this link if…

WordPress MultiSite Capabilities Are Different From Single Sites

WordPress allows you to build multisite networks. This is an awesome feature and enables you to manage many sites from a single WordPress installation. However, some WordPress features do work differently on a multisite network. If you normally manage a single site, you may have to adjust your thinking. One of these features is permissions….