How to Create a Product Editor for WooCommerce

Product Editor

This week, a PublishPress customer asked us about an interesting configuration for their WordPress site.

The customer wanted to create a “Product Editor” role. Any users in this role would be responsible for editing all the products. We've explained this “Product Editor” role in another guide.

However, the customer had an extra request. They import all their products into the “Uncategorized” category where the “Product Editor” can go to work. Once they have finished editing, they change the category to “Approved”. At this point, their work is over and they can no longer see the product.

We love a challenge, so we create a test site and figured out how to do this. Here's our guide to the “Product Editor” role explained above.

Step #1. Install the plugins

Step #2. Create the “Product Editor” role

This is the key step in the process. We're going to create and configure the user role for our editors.

  • Go to “Capabilities” then “Roles” in your admin menu.
  • Create a new role called “Product Editor”.
  • Click “Add”.
New Product Editor Role
New Product
  • Go to “Capabilities” then “Roles” in your admin menu.
  • Choose “Product Editor” in the top-left corner.
  • Give your user role the capabilities in this image below. To see all the necessary options, you will need to enable the box for “Product categories” in the “Detailed Taxonomy Capabilities” area.
New Product Editor Role Capabilities
New Product Capabilities
  • Go to Capabilities > Admin Menus.
  • Choose “Product Editor”.
  • to every menu link except “Products” and “All Products”.
New Product Editor Admin Menus
New Product Editor Admin Menus

Then we'll give the “Product Editor” role access to WooCommerce categories.

  • Go to “Permissions”, then “Settings” in your WordPress admin menu.
  • Click “Core”.
  • Under “Filtered Post Types”, enable “Products”.
  • Under “Filtered Taxonomies”, enable “Product categories”.
  • Go to “Product” then “Categories” in your WordPress admin menu.
  • Edit the “Uncategorized” category.
  • Go to the “Permissions: Edit Products in this Category” box.
  • Enable Editing access for your “Product Editor” role, as in the Screenshot below.
Product Editor Enabled
Product Editor Enabled
  • In Products > Categories, go to your “Approved” category and allow the “Product Editor to assign that category. See the image below.
Approved Category
Approved Category

Step #3. Test the new user role

You can now test the user role that you have created. When you log in as a Product Editor, this screenshot shows what you will see:

Limited Admin Menu Product Editor
Limited Admin Menu Product Editor

When you visit the “Products” screen, you will only see products in the “Uncategorized” category. You will be able to edit these products.

Edit This Product
Edit This Product

You can freely edit these products, and also change the category. However, when you are finished editing the product, click “Update”. The product will be saved, but you will no longer be able to edit the product.

Woocommerce Product Editing
Woocommerce Product Editing

The “Products” screen will now be empty for you. This is because the PublishPress Permissions Pro plugin will hide content that you are not able to edit.

Empty Woocommerce Products


WooCommerce and the PublishPress plugins are a powerful combination. You can configure the permissions on your eCommerce store to meet your exact needs.

Other examples include controlling who can manage WooCommerce coupons, creating users who can only manage WooCommerce orders, and adding users who can only manage reports.

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