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PublishPress Blocks Has Day, Time, Page Controls for Gutenberg

Using the PublishPress Blocks plugin, you can control how and when blocks appear on your site.

The “Block Controls” feature gives you a wide range of options, including these:

In version 3.1.2 of PublishPress Blocks, these controls are improved and expanded. Here's what's new in this release.

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PublishPress Blocks Has User Role Controls for Gutenberg

PublishPress Blocks 3.1 is available now and allows you to control which users can see a specific Gutenberg block.

The PublishPress Blocks plugin has a new “User Role Controls feature”. This makes it possible to add the following restrictions to any Gutenberg block:

  • Show a block to logged in users only.
  • Show a block to logged out users only.
  • Show a block to selected user roles.
  • Hide a block from selected user roles.

You can add these controls to almost any block, including blocks from the WordPress core and third party plugins.

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