PublishPress Makes it Easy to Find Reusable Blocks

The latest version of PublishPress Blocks now has a submenu for “Reusable Blocks” that is enabled by default. This submenu allows you to reach the “Reusable blocks” page screen that is normally difficult to find in WordPress.

Reusable blocks are an incredibly useful feature in the Gutenberg block editor. They allow you to create content once and use it multiple times inside different posts and pages. In future updates for PublishPress Blocks, we're going to add more features to help you manage reusable blocks.

To enable or disable this submenu, go to the “Dashboard” area in PublishPress Blocks and use the toggle for “Reusable Blocks”.

This change is part of a major series of updates to the PublishPress Blocks plugin. These updates allow you to control how and when blocks appear on your site. For example, we've just added the “Block Controls” feature which gives you a wide range of options, including these:

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