Block Controls Are Now Available in PublishPress Blocks

The PublishPress Blocks plugin is growing in a new direction.

The latest release of PublishPress Blocks (version 2.14) introduces a feature called “Block Controls”. This will give you the ability to control who sees your blocks and when they display.

This first “Block Controls” setting allows you to schedule blocks to publish and unpublish. Every block can have a “Start showing” and “Stop showing” option.

Block Controls works with almost any block, including blocks from third party plugins:

Block Controls Sidebar
Block Controls Sidebar

The Block Controls are also available if you're using the new Full-Site Editing feature in WordPress:

Block Controls Fse
Block Controls Fse

How to schedule your blocks

If you want to show a block between selected dates this is what to do:

  1. Click “Enable block schedule”.
  2. Select a date for “Start showing”.
  3. Select a date for “Stop showing”.

Optionally if you want to show the block between the selected dates every year, you can enable “Recurring”.

Screen Shot 2022 07 26 At 10.37.21

If you want to show a block forever starting from a date, here's what to do:

  • Click “Enable block schedule”.
  • Select a date for “Start showing”.
  • Leave “Stop showing” as “Never”.

You can also do the opposite and show a block until reaching a selected date:

  • Click “Enable block schedule”.
  • Leave “Start showing” as “Now”.
  • Select a “Stop showing” date.
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