PublishPress Blocks Version 3.0 is Here

PublishPress Blocks is one of the most popular plugins we offer, with over 30,000 active users.

PublishPress Blocks has tools to help improve the Gutenberg editor. You'll find extra blocks, options to control who can use each block, and the ability to easily add CSS to each block.

We've just released version 3.0 of PublishPress Blocks. This update has a new interface that closely matches the other PublishPress plugins. This update also introduces the foundations of more key improvements in future releases, particularly around the “Block Controls” features.

I'll give you a quick guide to the changes you see when you install the new version of PublishPress Blocks.

New Feature: Dashboard

Because PublishPress Blocks has several different features, we wanted an easy way for users to find them all, and disable any they don't need. The new “Dashboard” screen has a one-click feature to enable or disable each key feature.

Blocks Dashboard
Blocks Dashboard

Updated Feature: Block Permissions

This area of PublishPress Blocks allows you to control who can use each block on your site. This was previously called “Block Access”. The new name is “Block Permissions” and was chosen to match the words used in our other plugins. Click here to read more on this feature.

Block Permisisons
Block Permisisons

Updated Feature: Block styles

This area of PublishPress Blocks enables you to add CSS styles to blocks. It was previously called “Custom Styles” and is now simply called “Block Styles”. Click here to read more on this feature.

Block Styles
Block Styles

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