How to Automatically Delete WordPress Revisions

We develop a plugin called PublishPress Revisions that allows you to submit, approve and schedule changes to your WordPress content.

Revisions are a wonderful feature in WordPress and have saved me many hours of headaches.

WordPress automatically saves a revision for your content every 60 seconds. So whenever I make a writing mistake in WordPress, I know there's always a revision available so I can fix things.

However, if you have a busy site, and WordPress is constantly saving revisions, you will soon end up with a LOT of revisions. These can slow down your site by filling up your database with unnecessary data.

If you do have a busy site, I do recommend that you delete old revisions to help keep your site running quickly.

One plugin for this purpose is WP Revisions Control.

After installing WP Revisions Control, go to Settings > Writing in your WordPress menu.

Scroll down to the “WP Revisions Control” area and you choose the number of revisions to save for each post type. To keep all the revisions for a post type, leave the field empty. I've chosen 30 as good option for a small site.

If you want more granular control, the WP Revisions Manager plugin allows you to choose the number of revisions for each Post or Page.

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