Stop WordPress Users from Updating Published Content

One PublishPress user asked if it was possible to stop users from publishing changes to existing WordPress posts and pages.

Yes, it’s possible with a plugin called Revisionary. I’m going to give you an overview of how to set this up on your site.

The Revisionary plugin for WordPress

To get started, download and install the Revisionary plugin. This plugin will create a role called “Revisor”:

When a Revisor logs into WordPress and edits a post, all they will see is the “Submit Revision” button, as in the image below:

When the Revisor clicks this button, they’ll see this message: “Your modification has been saved for editorial review.”

On the “Edit Posts” screen, this new revision will be visible and marked as “Pending”.

The Revisor can keep on submitting new revisions but they will never be able to publish them. They will have to wait for a higher level user to login and publish the revision.

More specifics on the permissions

The Revisor role in Revisionary is provided to make it easy for you. However, Revisionary does provide for more flexible solution. Revisonary relies on two key permissions in WordPress.

  • edit_published_pages
  • edit_published_posts

Although the names of those permissions refer to “edit”, they actually control publishing permissions. These permissions can be edited using a plugin such as Capability Manager Enhanced.

The Capability Manager Enhanced plugin for WordPress

After installing Capability Manager Enhanced, go to Users > Capabilities. In the right sidebar, you can choose the role you want to edit. Then look in the center of the screen for the “Edit published” row. This allows you to control who can edit revisions.

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