How to Hide WordPress Posts from Other Authors

One PublishPress user came to use with this question:

“I want authors to log in to the WordPress admin area and only see their posts. I don’t want them to see the posts from other authors. Is this possible?”

Yes, this is possible. You can do it by installing the Capability Manager Enhanced plugin.

The Capability Manager Enhanced plugin for WordPress

After installing the plugin, go to the User > Capabilities link.

In the top-right corner, choose the role you want to edit, using the “Select Role to View / Edit” box.

Now look for the “edit_others” permissions shown below. If these boxes are empty, then the users will not be see or edit other people’s posts:

It’s as simple as that. The edit_others_posts and edit_others_pages permissions control access to content from other authors. user can edit other users’ posts.

When users in this role go to “Posts” screen they will now only see their posts.

This set up is fully compatible with the Multiple Authors add-on so you can still safely assign more than one author to a post.

Video Introduction to the Capability Manager Enhanced Plugin

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