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The Elementor plugin is one of the most popular drag-and-drop page builders in WordPress.

With Elementor, you can editing the site visually. As you make changes, you will simultaneously see exactly how what your design looks like.

Elementor designs are full-responsive and the plugin comes with over 40 powerful widgets.

What Post Details Are Stored in WordPress Revisions?

Post Revisions

We develop the PublishPress Revisions plugin that allows you to submit, moderate, approve, and schedule revisions.

This plugin is built on top of the core revisions feature in WordPress.

Our Revisions Pro plugin is able to capture all of the data that has changed in your WordPress posts. However, that is not true of the normal revisions feature. People often tell us that their revisions are missing data.

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Gutenberg and Elementor are Growing. Pagebuilders are Shrinking.

Gutenberg Elementor

When Gutenberg launched in 2018, it inspired a lot of discussion around the future of pagebuilder plugins.

At that time, many WordPress users were installing pagebuilders because they wanted to use blocks and a drag-and-drop approach to site-building. Gutenberg was clearly a response to user demand.

So, more than two years after Gutenberg arrived, how are pagebuilder plugins doing? Let's look at the data.

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PublishPress Authors and Elementor

PublishPress Authors works well with the Elementor plugin.

There are 5 options for showing Author profiles on your site. All of these will work with Elementor. For example, Option #1 will automatically show authors under your posts.

However, we have made sure to make sure PublishPress Authors works with inside the main Elementor layout builder.

Perhaps the easiest option for the Elementor layout builder is Option #2 in the link above.

First, edit a post or page and use the “Authors” box to choose your authors:

Authors Elementor
Authors Elementor

Second, use the “Authors” widget to place the author profiles into your content:

Elementor Widget
Elementor Widget

Author page title and Elementor Pro

Some sites have issue with the page title on author pages when using Elementor Pro. Instead of displaying the name of current author in the title, it displays the name from the author of the first post listed on the page.

If you see this issue you can try customizing the child theme to display the correct title, or try disabling a filter for “the_author” on PublishPress Authors defining a constant:


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