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JetEngine is a very ambitious project that attempts to do almost everything for a WordPress website.

JetEngine is available from and supports both Gutenberg and Elementor. Their products span everything from Gutenberg blocks and themes to creating post types and options pages. This image below is taken from their website and gives you some idea of all the different features they provide:

Jetengine Plugins
Jetengine Plugins

The Crockblock team have a post about JetEngine and PublishPress compatibility. In this post, we'll dive a little deeper into how to control access to different JetEngine features.

JetEngine Listings, Post Types and Taxonomies

You can create post types and taxonomies with JetEngine. It's then possible to use the “Listings” feature to combine these into a frontend display. For example, you can create a post type called “Movies”, and then use “Listings” to show them to visitors.

Jetengine Listings
Jetengine Listings

You can use the PublishPress Capabilities plugin to control access to everything you create with JetEngine.

  • Go to the “Capabilities” screen in your admin area.
  • Check the boxes under “Type-Specific Capabilities” for your new JetEngine elements.
  • Your JetEngine elements will appear in the main part of the screen, where you can control which user roles can Edit, Create, Edit Others, Publish and much more.
Jetengine Capabilitie
Jetengine Capabilities

Who Can Access JetEngine Settings?

By default, only users in the Administrator role can access JetEngine settings. If you want to give access to other users, you need to give them the manage_options capability. This can be done with PublishPress Capabilities.

  • Go to the “Capabilities” screen in your admin area.
  • In the top-left corner, choose the role you want to edit.
  • Under “Other WordPress Core Capabilities”, check the box for “manage options”.
Manage Options
Manage Options

In the image below, I show the normal Editor view on the left. On the right side, I've given the manage_options capability to the Editor role. These users are now able to see all the links inside the “Crocoblock” and “JetEngine” links.

Jetengine Editor
Jetengine Editor

How to Control Access to JetEngine Block

JetEngine provides some extra blocks for the Gutenberg Editor. You can remove access to these blocks for some user roles with the PublishPress Blocks plugin. This is possible with the Block Access feature.

  • Go to “Blocks” in your WordPress admin menu.
  • Go to “Block Access”.
  • You can use the default profile for all users, or create a new profile for specific groups.
  • Scroll down to the “Design” area and you can disable individual blocks. In the image below, blocks such as “Dynamic Field” and “Dynamic Image” are from JetEngine. Uncheck the box for any block that you don't want the users to see.
Block Access Jetengine Design
Block Access Jetengine Design

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