PublishPress Authors Has New Profile Screens

PublishPress Authors 3.16 is now available and it has a new feature that many customers have requested. You can now allow users to update their own author profiles.

If a user has an author profile linked to their account, they will now see an “Author Profile” screen in the menu. They can update their profile information here and it will update on the front of your site.

Authors Edit My Profile
Authors Edit My Profile

If users click the “Image” tab, they'll be able to control their own profile image. They can use the Gravatar service, or upload their own custom image.

Image Profile Edit
Image Profile Edit

You can give users access to this new Authors screen in several ways including these:

Also in this version, we've worked hard to improve the standard of the entire Authors codebase. We've started to use the WordPress VIP standards. These are used by the Automattic team to ensure that only the highest quality code runs on their customers' sites. We decided that if the biggest WordPress sites deserved code of this quality, then so do PublishPress customers.

You'll also find a wide range of smaller improvements such as better Elementor support, updated translations (French, Spanish, Italian), and much more. You can see the full changelogs for Authors here.

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