How To Hide the Elementor Templates Menu Link

When you install Elementor, there will be a “Templates” menu on your WordPress admin menu.

However, it can look distracting for some roles if the user doesn't need access to this “Templates” menu.

If you don't want the “Templates” menu link to appear for a certain user role, you can hide this link for specific roles using the PublishPress Capabilities Pro plugin. In this guide, we will show you two ways you can hide this menu link with the PublishPress Capabilities Pro plugin..

Option #1. Admin Menus

You can use the Admin Menus feature in PublishPress Capabilities to hide menu links. This is useful because most plugins only give you limited control over who can access their admin screens. 

To hide Elementor's “Templates” link, click “Admin Menus” and then select the role for which you want to hide the menu. In this example, I want to hide the link for the “Author” role.

PublishPress Capabilities Admin menu

Scroll down until you find “Templates” below the “Elementor” menu. Then, add an X to the “Templates” box. This will also hide the submenus below it.

PublishPress Capabilities Admin menu hiding Elementor link

That’s it. That’s how easy it is to hide unwanted menu links using Admin Menus.

If for some reason the Admin Menus feature did not hide the menu (this sometimes happens with custom admin themes), you can use “Admin Features” instead, which we show you how to do next. 

Option #2. Admin Features

Sometimes heavily customized sites still show the “Templates” menu link even after blocking it using “Admin Menus”. 

The easiest way to hide the menu when Admin Menus is not working is by using Admin Features, which is available in PublishPress Capabilities Pro

First, you go to the “Admin Features” menu link and select the role. 

PublishPress Capabilities Admin Features

Then go to the “Hide CSS Element ” section and input #menu-posts-elementor_library. Then, click the “Add” button.

PublishPress Capabilities Admin Features CSS

After you add the element, you will see it listed, as in this screenshot:

PublishPress Capabilities Admin Features CSS element

That’s how you can hide menus using Admin Features. For comparison, this is how it looks before we hide it:

Templates link in Elementor

And this is how it looks after we hide the “Templates” menu. To take these screenshots, we're using the “User Testing” feature in PublishPress Capabilities.

Templates link hidden in Elementor
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