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The Count Up block in PublishPress Blocks is perfect for showcasing a number in Gutenberg. You can use it show how many clients you have, how much money you have raised, how many cups of coffee you’ve served, or anything else.

How to Add iFrames in Gutenberg Blocks


iFrames are a feature of the web that can be very useful and also very frustrating.

WordPress is a good example of this. On one hand, WordPress uses iFrames as a key part of the Customizer. On the other hand, WordPress often blocks iFrames as a security threat.

In this guide, I'll show you how to add iFrames to posts made with the Gutenberg editor.

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How to Show Content in an Accordion with the Gutenberg Editor


An accordion layout allows you to pĺace large quantities of text on a reduced space.

Your site's visitors can get overwhelmed when presented with too much text to read at once. If you use an accordion layout, your visitors can scan and look for the information they need. An accordion is perfect for Frequently Asked Questions, or show specific details in a product you're selling.

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How to Add a Call-to-Action Button to the Gutenberg Editor

Cta Buttons

A CTA Button (call-to-action) is essential for the health of your business.

A call-to-action is intended to drive the user to a specific action, to complete a conversion. This conversion can be many things, such as signing up to a newsletter, buying an product or redirecting the user to the paid area of the site. 

A good call-to-action meets certain requirements, including these:

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Use the Count Up Block to Show Statistics in Gutenberg

Count Up Block

The Count Up block is perfect for showcasing a number in the Gutenberg editor. You can use it show how many clients you have, how much money you have raised, how many cups of coffee you've served, or anything else.

Count up statistics block in WordPress

In fact, count up blocks are useful to present any kind of statistics on your side. Showing numbers is useful to present relevant information concisely, thus generating a bigger impact on visitors when scanning over the site.

This tutorial will explain the use of the Count up block of the PublishPress Blocks plugin. 

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How to Add a Summary / Table of Contents Block in Gutenberg

Table Of Contents 1

If the posts in your site have multiple text sections and multiple headings, it makes sense to have a table of contents detailing the structure of your information. This makes it easy to navigate through the post with the help of a navigation menu.

The Summary Block in PublishPress Blocks provides this functionality through a list of links, each one pointing to the corresponding heading of the post. 

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How to Add Testimonials in a Gutenberg Block


The most important asset of a business is its customers without a doubt. People deposit their trust and do believe in persons like them, with the same needs and requirements. That is why a testimonial section on your site takes the focus out of your business and places it on the customer. This is a very effective selling strategy, and to some point, also an application of Word-of-mouth marketing.

The Testimonial block in PublishPress Blocks has many configuration options to allow you to show customer testimonials on your site.

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