What’s On Your WordPress Pre-Publish Checklist?

Update: Our new and improved plugin is now live! The new plugin is PublishPress Checklists!

These tutorials will give more details on what PublishPress Checklists can do:

Before you publish WordPress posts, do you have things you always check for?

  • A minimum number of words?
  • Yoast SEO green check marks for SEO and readability?
  • A certain number of categories and tags?
  • A featured image?
  • Scan for broken links?

PublishPress is possibly the best editorial calendar in WordPress. To keep making it better, one of the things we're adding to PublishPress is a pre-publish checklist.

There is an older plugin that does this called “Publishing Checklist” but it's not been updated in a couple of years. It's a useful plugin, but the options are just text boxes. Plus, the plugin doesn't actually analyze your posts, instead relying on the author to look for mistakes themselves.

If you haven't used Publishing Checklist before, this image shows what happens when you try to publish content without completing all the recommendations:

WordPress Pre-Publish Checklist warning

We aim to make a more powerful version of the plugin. One of the key improvements will be the ability to require some items and make others simply recommendations. At the moment, the Publishing Checklist plugin has one setting for all the items:

Over to you … do you have any items you'd like to see included in this WordPress pre-publish checklist?

If you're still not sure if PublishPress is worth trying, check out reviews of the PublishPress plugin.


  1. Team,

    The checklist plugin does not work with Rank Math SEO Plugin.
    Doesn’t allow to save new or earlier drafted posts. Only allows saving if it is an already published post.

    Error is https://imgur.com/a/hVgXJuV

    I loved the plugin and it’s auto functionality but it doesn’t seem to work with the SEO plugin. I’ll write to rankmath also regarding the same.

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