Possibly the Best Editorial Calendar in WordPress

PublishPress is the WordPress plugin for people who really care about their content.

The new version of PublishPress is out today with a design overhaul for the content calendar, which allows you to plan and schedule all your posts.

The PublishPress calendar was based on a 7-year old design in the Edit Flow plugin. The new version provides a refresh so the calendar design looks great in all modern browsers.

We hope you'll find PublishPress to be one of the best-looking editorial calendars in WordPress.

The image below gives you a preview:

Click on any content in your calendar, and this is what you'll see:

What comes next with the Calendar?

We aim to keep improving the calendar design. The next steps will include:

  • Customizable colors for different content types
  • Customizable icons for content in different statuses
  • User avatars so you can see who's working on each post

The Calendar has moved

The Calendar is the centerpiece of PublishPress and to reflect that, we've moved the Calendar link so it appears with the other PublishPress links.

In previous versions of PublishPress, the menu links were spread out so it was hard to see what was a PublishPress feature, and what was not.

Now, all the PublishPress features are under the single “PublishPress” link in the admin menu. The Content Overview screen has also moved under “PublishPress”.

Dig into PublishPress

If you're still not sure if PublishPress is worth trying, check out reviews of the PublishPress plugin.

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