Reviews of the PublishPress Plugin

Are you wondering whether to use the PublishPress plugin for your site?

Sure, we think PublishPress is the best editorial calendar in WordPress, but what about everyone else?

Here are some reviews collected from around the web.


PublishPress is probably the best editorial calendar available for WordPress today. It's a fork of the popular, but old, Edit Flow. Where as Edit Flow has had only minor updates over the last few years, development on PublishPress is moving quickly. What sets PublishPress apart is the clean design of the calendar, plus all the extra features that are available. PublishPress has a whole suite of extra feature for content creators.


Great plugin. Makes setting up a review process very simple. Great features on the pro version like checklists. Response to questions are very quick. Great job


I have requested support twice now and both times, I received a response AND a fix in less than 12hrs. Both bugs were resolved on the first try. Having a quick support response is a huge plus.


What I was looking for too much time. Great work. It’s a necessary plugin for every multi-author journalist blog.


Even though I’m not a team, I wanted a place to plug in my article ideas in the calendar, not just finished articles. Boom! The article ideas create an empty post with the title so I can flesh out later. And they have actual written documentation!!!!! Now I really have no excuse for not blogging on my site.

Video Reviews of PublishPress

Video review by Matt Medeiros:

Video review by Brian Hogg:

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