PublishPress Notifications Now Supports Taxonomy

PublishPress is based on another WordPress plugin called Edit Flow.

Edit Flow was a wonderful plugin, but had some noticeable restrictions. One key limitation was that it only supported Posts.

As we develop PublishPress, we've been expanding the features to cover all post types, including Pages and post types from other plugins.

PublishPress 1.15.0 improves support for more post types and plugins.

You can now create PublishPress notifications based on Taxonomy.

The basic taxonomies in WordPress are Tags and Categories. So, a simple example of this new feature is sending notifications for content that has a particular Tag:

PublishPress notifications for WordPress tags

However, PublishPress doesn't just support Tags and Categories. It also supports your custom taxonomies.

One PublishPress user explained their situation:

“Our website has content divided up by 30 different states, with several contributors in each state publishing content. The state name is set up as a custom taxonomy and allows us to filter posts much more easily.”

Thanks to this latest update, it's possible to send notifications for each of those 30 different states.

Support for more plugins

Many WordPress plugins rely heavily on Taxonomy. For example, WooCommerce uses Taxonomy to control the visibility of Products. So in the image below, you can see how to send notifications for “Featured” products in WooCommerce.

PublishPress notifications for WooCommerce products

In this image below, you can see how to send notifications for NextGen Gallery images with a particular tag:

PublishPress notifications for NextGen Gallery tags

If you're using the Multiple Authors add-on, you can send notifications for content from particular authors. This is because Taxonomy is used for authors:

PublishPress notifications for WordPress authors

If you have PublishPress installed on your site, go to “PublishPress”, then “Notifications” and look at the “Taxonomy” area. You'll be surprised by just how much information is contained here, and how many different types of notifications you can create.

Please note: the Category box will be removed

One consequence of this change is that the “Category” box in PublishPress is now obsolete and will be removed in a future update. You can see the “Category” box in the image below. If you are using “Category” to send notifications, please change to “Taxonomy”.

PublishPress notifications for categories

More cool ways to use Notifications

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