Being a Developer and Planting 1,000’s of Trees with Phil Sturgeon

Phil Sturgeon is a renowned API and PHP developer. He's now starting a charity called Protect Earth to plant trees across the UK.

In this interview, I talk with Phil about his environmental work, and cycling around the world to fundraise for the project. How does he manage to launch a hugely ambitious new project and hold down a high-level day job?

We discuss small steps all of us can take to create a more sustainable world, even if we're running a million miles an hour with our businesses and development work.

Watch the interview with Phil

Here's a quick guide to our discussion:

  • 1 min: Introducing Phil. Sign up for Phil's newsletter!
  • 3 mins: How Phil became interested in environmental work.
  • 5 mins: Introducing Ecologi as a very valuable charity.
  • 9 mins: Phil's bike travels.
  • 12 mins: Starting the new charity.
  • 13 mins: Financing for the new charity.
  • 15 mins: Finding land for the trees.
  • 18 mins: Buying the first plots of land.
  • 20 mins: Holding down a full-time job alongside this work.
  • 22 mins: Where your money goes if you support Project Earth.
  • 24 mins: Talking with people about the climate crisis.
  • 26 mins: What we can do to help. and are useful tools. Phil's article on how to get involved.
  • 27 mins: What's next for the tree-planting project?

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