An Interview With Zack Katz About Values-Driven WordPress Businesses

Zack Katz from GravityView is someone I've admired for a long time. His team have run some of the coolest initiatives I've seen.

At the end of last year, they gave $5 from each sale to charities and then they quadrupled those donations from their own pocket. They plant trees with Ecologi to offset their carbon emissions. And they've given out diversity grants to help people with extra challenges attend major conferences.

The GravityView team also have fun while doing good. Check out this music video they created for the WordPress community while everyone was in lockdown:

Zack joined me to talk about running a WordPress business with values. How do you hold strong beliefs and try to make things better, while also running a successful business?

This conversation lead Zack to publish this guide to his team's values.

Zack also inspired us to sign up the PublishPress team at Ecologi and become climate positive. Why not check out Ecologi and help them plant trees and fund climate crisis solutions?

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