Do You Really Care About Your WordPress Content?

Yes? Then you know it's hard to create consistent, high-quality posts.

It's easy to change your approach from post to post, until you have a site full of messy content.

The answer is the Content Checklist add-on for PublishPress. This add-on allows you to set criteria that your writers should (or have to!) follow.

PublishPress is possibly the best editorial calendar in WordPress. It gets better with the add-ons. For example, we've just updated the Content Checklist add-on. The new version of the checklist allows you to set a maximum and minimum value for categories, tags and words. For example, you can now ask your users to write between 100 and 500 words, or add between 3 and 5 tags.

Here's how the Checklist appears in the WordPress writing area:

There will be a whole series of improvements to Content Checklist in the next few weeks. Here are some of the features you'll see:

  • Yoast SEO integration. Why not make sure that your content is marked as green, and highly-optimized?
  • Check for the spelling certain names, such WordPress. This makes sure that you use brand names in the right way.
  • Check for certain number of internal links. Adding internal links is very useful for your SEO.
  • Check for the presence alt tags and title tags. If you forget these, it does harm your site's accessibility.
  • Force a certain size for featured images. Some themes only look good if your featured images are a certain height and width.
  • Avoid using certain HTML tags such H1 and H4. It's not good SEO to place an H1 tag in your main content.

We also cleaned up the options screen. Every option on the checklist can have one of four settings:

  • Disabled
  • Show a sidebar message
  • Show a pop-up message
  • Prevent publishing

Click here to get the Content Checklist add-on

The Next PublishPress Add-on Will be Slack

At the moment, PublishPress can send you email notifications whenever your team leaves comments.

However, email is not enough in 2017. The most popular request we've had for PublishPress has been Slack integration.

Why not get notifications where you spend much of your workday: inside Slack?

If you use PublishPress and also love Slack, please feel free to get in touch. We'd be happy to give you a version of the Slack add-on for testing. Find out more: the next PublishPress add-on is Slack.

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