The Next PublishPress Add-on is Slack

Update: this feature is now part of PublishPress Pro.

Before this release, PublishPress could only send you email notifications whenever your team left a comment.

However, email is not enough in 2017. The most popular request we've had for PublishPress has been Slack integration.

Why not get notifications where you spend much of your workday: inside Slack? So, we're delighted to launch the Slack Integration for PublishPress.

This add-on integrates PublishPress with Slack, so you can get comment and status change notifications directly inside your favorite Slack channels.

Click here to find out more about the Slack integration.

Status Update Notifications

You can receive Slack notifications every time the status of your content is changed.

This image show you what the status notifications look like. You can easily comment on, edit or view the content that has been updated.

Editorial Comment Notifications

With PublishPress you can be notified in Slack about editorial comments.This image show you what the status notifications look like. You can easily reply any comment.

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