How to Embed Amazon Kindle Links on WordPress Sites

The new Gutenberg editor in WordPress makes it really easy to share Amazon links.

Since the release of WordPress 5.2 in May 2019, you can find an “Amazon Kindle” block. When you're writing a post in WordPress, click the “Add block” button and you can search for “Amazon Kindle”:

Amazon Kindle block for Gutenberg

This feature currently works for any Amazon book that has a product version.

  • Go to your local Amazon site, and take the URL of a book.
  • Paste the book URL into the embed box, as you can see in the image below. I've taken the URL for the WordPress Explained book.
Amazon Kindle URL for Gutenberg in WordPress

WordPress will show you the book preview while you're still writing the post.

Amazon Kindle book embed in WordPress

When you publish this post, you'll be able to use three features on the bottom:

  • Buy on Amazon
  • Share
  • Free Preview

If you click “Buy on Amazon”, you'll automatically be taken to Amazon where you can purchase the book.

If you click “Share”, you'll be able to send a link to the book on Amazon via email, Facebook, or Twitter.

Amazon Kindle share block

If you click “Free Preview” or click on the book title, you will be able to start reading the free “Look Inside” portion of the book.

Amazon Kindle block free preview

It's worth nothing that this feature only works for Amazon books with a Kindle version.

You won't be able used this approach to embed chairs, shoes, or other products sold on Amazon.

However, this approach to Amazon Kindle books does work for a wide range of Amazon sites including these:

  • .com
  • .ca
  • .de
  • .fr
  • .it
  • .es
  • .in
  • .nl
  • .ru

Gutenberg really is a big step forward for WordPress. We've moved over all our sites to the new editor and rely on extra features from the PublishPress Blocks plugin.

For more on Gutenberg blocks, read our guide to controlling who can see which blocks thanks to the PublishPress Blocks plugin.

For more how-to guides like this, check out why users can't add iframes, why they can't insert GIFswhy they can't show code, or rearrange metaboxes.

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