How to Rearrange WordPress Metaboxes in Gutenberg

One PublishPress user asked us if it’s possible to rearrange metaboxes in Gutenberg. They are using the Content Checklist and wanted it to be at the top of sidebar when writing posts. This image show the move they wanted:

In the older “Classic Editor” this move was possible. Users could drag-and-drop all the metaboxes into a different order.

Unfortunately, unless you want to write code, there are limited options for re-ordering Gutenberg metaboxes.

You can not reorder the default metaboxes. This means that you can’t change the order of “Status & Visbility”, “Permalink”, “Categories”, “Tags”, “Featured Image”, “Excerpt” or “Discussion”. Those will always be the top seven boxes.

However, you can rearrange metaboxes in the lower section. So in the image above, you can reorder “Authors”, “Checklist”, “Notifications” and “Metadata”.

This is a limitation in Gutenberg that did not exist in the old Classic Editor. We hope this limitation will be removed in a future version of WordPress.

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