Rearrange WordPress Metaboxes in the Gutenberg Editor

One PublishPress user asked us if it's possible to rearrange metaboxes in Gutenberg. This user has installed the PublishPress Checklists plugin and wanted the checklist area to be at the top of sidebar when writing posts. This image show the move they wanted:

Move a Gutenberg metabox

In the older “Classic Editor”, this move was possible. Users could drag-and-drop all the metaboxes into a different order.

Unfortunately, in the Gutenbergeditor, the are limited options for re-ordering metaboxes.

One limitation is that you can not reorder the default metaboxes. This means that you can't change the order of “Status & Visbility”, “Permalink”, “Categories”, “Tags”, “Featured Image”, “Excerpt” or “Discussion”. Those will always be the top seven boxes.

Default metaboxes and metaboxes from plugins

However, you can rearrange metaboxes in the lower section. So in the image below, you can reorder “Yoast SEO”, “Checklist”, “Notifications”, “Metadata” and more. It is possible to stop this re-ordering with a plugin called “Unsortable Meta Box” which is old but still works.

Gutenberg Up Down Arrows
Gutenberg Up Down Arrows

These arrows also allow you to move Gutenberg metaboxes to-and-from the sidebar.

Although Gutenberg is a step forward for WordPress, some elements are confusing. We’ve written about how to add GIF images and show code in Gutenberg, plus how to hide image captions.

Long-term, we're very positive about Gutenberg. If you do want more options for your blocks in Gutenberg, check out the PublishPress Blocks plugin. We're also looking forward to cool new features such as collaborative editing in WordPress.

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  1. I moved a metabox (“details of podcast”) from the main area (beneath Gutenberg editor) to the plugins section in the sidebar. But I cannot get it back to its origin, only up and down within the sidebar.
    Is there any trick moving metaboxes between those areas? (I can’t remember how it worked at the first attempt)

  2. With the same issue, I installed the Classic-Editor-Plugin, activated it, rearranged the metaboxes and then deactivated it.

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