WordPress Capabilities

An Introduction to bbPress Roles and Capabilities

Here at PublishPress, we’re able to support almost any other WordPress plugin. However, there is one popular plugin called bbPress that doesn’t always work smoothly with our code, or other user management plugins. bbPress has over 300,000 users and is the commonly used discussion board in WordPress. I’m going to give you a guide on…

PublishPress Capabilities Can Clean Up Your Post Editing Screens

If I had to pick a word to describe my experience with large WordPress sites, it’s “overwhelming”. There are so many admin notices, plugin alerts, review requests, and other demands for your attention. In the post editor, and particularly in Gutenberg, there are a ton of sidebar, tabs, settings, metaboxes, and configuration options.

How to Restore the Default User Permissions on a WordPress site

In some situations, you may need to completely refresh your WordPress site. If you need to reset your WordPress user permissions, this is possible with a plugin called PublishPress Capabilities. This plugin has an option to delete all the current permissions and user roles, and restore the WordPress defaults.