Introducing the New Features in PublishPress Capabilities 2.8

PublishPress Capabilities 2.8 is available today. This release has some changes that will be immediately obvious when you update the plugin, plus also some useful features that won't be immediately obvious.

In this guide, I'll introduce you to four new features in PublishPress Capabilities.

#1. Improved Support for Full-Site Editing Navigation

In the last couple of releases, we've been adding support for the new navigation menus in WordPress Full-Site Editing.

The “Nav Menus” screen in the PublishPress Capabilities plugin allows you to block access to frontend menu links in WordPress. This has become a little more complex with the release of Full-Site Editing in WordPress.

In this new Full-Site Editing system, each navigation menu is now a block. You edit each menu individually using the “Block” settings in the sidebar, as in this image below.

Click here for more details on our support for Full-Site Editing.

Full-Site Editing menus

#2. New Dashboard

There's a new dashboard area inside PublishPress Capabilities. We've added a lot of new features to the plugin over the last couple of years. This Dashboard is an introduction to those features, and also allows you to disable the ones you don't need.

PublishPress Capabilities dashboard

#3. Capabilities for Our Plugin

PublishPress Capabilities now has individual capabilities to control access to all the main screens. These will be available immediately when you install the Capabilities plugin. Click here for more details on these capabilities.

Capabilities for using PublishPress Capabilities.

#4. Improved Tooltips

WordPress capabilities can be confusing, so we've added new tooltips with more detailed explanations. We want to make it as easy as possible to use PublishPress Capabilities.

Some of these tooltips just give the technical name of the capability. This screenshot below uses manage_categories as an example.

manage_categories in PublishPress Capabilities

Other tooltips give more detailed explanations of how they can be managed. This screenshot below refers to the create_posts capability. Normally this is controlled by edit_posts. However, you can use the sidebar settings to control this capability independently. This post has more details on create_posts.

Toolbar for create_posts

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