How to Control Access to WP All Import

WP All Import is a popular WordPress plugin that allows users to import large amounts of data into their WordPress site. WP ALL Import supports a variety of sources such as CSV or XML files. While the plugin offers a lot of flexibility and customization options, some users may encounter an issue when it comes to granting access to the plugin's settings.

By default, only Administrators can access WP All Import settings. Other user roles will not be able to access it due to the sensitivity of the plugin. But you can change this by installing the PublishPress Capabilities plugin.

Why can only Administrators access the WP All Import setting?

WP All Import does not create specific capabilities in order for a role to access the settings. They use the default ‘manage_options‘ capability to control which user roles can access their settings.

So to put it simply, only a role that has the ‘manage_options' capability can access the WP All Import setting screen. How can you grant a user role to have a ‘manage_options' capability?

How to control who has the ‘manage_options' capability

You can do that easily by installing PublishPress Capabilities.

  • Install PublishPress Capabilities.
  • After you install the plugin, there will be “Capabilities” in your WordPress admin menu.
  • Using the dropdown in the top-left corner, choose the role you want to edit.
  • Click the “Admin” tab.
  • Check or uncheck the “manage options” box.
  • After you give the capabilities to the role, the user will be able to see and access the WP All Import setting screen.

More with PublishPress Capabilities Pro

The ‘manage_options' capability is one of the most powerful capabilities in WordPress. It grants a user access to all of the site's options, including plugin settings, theme settings, and global settings such as the site's title and tagline.

By default, only the Administrator role is granted the ‘manage_options' capability. This is because it's a very powerful capability and should only be granted to users who are trusted and responsible enough to use it.

For example, this screenshot shows other changes that happens when we grant ‘manage_options' to Authors on our website. As you can see, the Author now can see the Astra theme menu as well.

In the screenshot below we only have a simple setup with minimal plugins and the Astra theme. You can imagine if we were to have many plugins, all of which depend on the ‘manage_options' capability. Then my Author will be more powerful, as they will have access to many more plugin settings.

This is where PublishPress Capabilities Pro is so useful.

With PublishPress Capabilities PRO, you can easily hide unwanted menus using Admin Menus. You can also easily hide any unwanted element in the WordPress admin. By using PublishPress Capabilities Pro, you will have more control over your website. If you are interested, you can purchase it here.

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