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How to Add Your Own GIFs in Gutenberg

Gifs Gutenberg

Earlier this week, I was writing a post with the new Gutenberg editor in WordPress.

I wanted to add several GIFS to the post. However, it was a really frustrating process.

First, there is no “GIF” block in Gutenberg, so that wasn't an option.

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How to Show Content in an Accordion with the Gutenberg Editor


An accordion layout allows you to pĺace large quantities of text on a reduced space.

Your site's visitors can get overwhelmed when presented with too much text to read at once. If you use an accordion layout, your visitors can scan and look for the information they need. An accordion is perfect for Frequently Asked Questions, or show specific details in a product you're selling.

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What is the upload_files permission in WordPress?

Upload Files

The “upload_files” capability is one of the most important in WordPress.

If users don’t have the “upload_files” capability, they completely lose access to the Media Library. They can’t upload files or even browse media on your site.

If users do not have the “upload_files” capability, this image below shows what they will see when they use an image block in Gutenberg. They will see the message, “Given your current role, you can only link an image, you cannot upload.”

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What is Gutenberg Phase 3?

Gutenberg 3

Matt Mullenweg introduced the Gutenberg project at WordCamp US in late 2016.

If you want a big picture overview of why Gutenberg was built, I recommend Matt's post, “We Called it Gutenberg for a Reason“.

We are nearly 4 years into the project now, and are not yet half-way through. The Gutenberg project is split into 4 phases and we're currently in Phase 2.

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