PublishPress Blocks Can Show Authors Their Own Posts

PublishPress Blocks 2.8.2 is out now with several improvements. The headline feature allows users to login and see a list of posts that they have written. You can create this list using the “Content Display” block in Gutenberg. This will very useful if you have a lot of authors because they can quickly find their own content via the front your WordPress site.

Show the posts from the current user

To show a WordPress author their own posts, you can add a “Content Display” block. This block has a ton of powerful settings: we think it's the the best content block in WordPress! But for this feature, you just need to enable the setting “Show only posts from current user”.

Current User
Current User

Custom styles support for the image block

Version 2.8.2 also adds custom styles to the Image block. This means you can set up your own CSS style and your authors can quickly and easily add that style to any image. The custom styles feature already supports these default blocks: Paragraph, Heading, List, Code, Preformatted, Table, Columns, Group.

Custom Styles Image
Custom Styles Image 1

Description for Columns Manager block

This release of Blocks also add small descriptions for all the choices in the “Columns Manager” block. This makes it a little easier and quicker to pick the layout you need:

Columns Manager Description
Columns Manager Description
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