Full-Site Editing

Full-site editing is a major part of the bigger Gutenberg project.

Full-site editing involves changing the whole of the WordPress theming system so it relies on blocks.

  • Your site logo? That will be an image block.
  • Your menu? That will be a navigation block.
  • Your homepage layout? That could be a grid block.

Block Controls Are Now Available in PublishPress Blocks

The PublishPress Blocks plugin is growing in a new direction. The latest release of PublishPress Blocks (version 2.14) introduces a feature called “Block Controls”. This will give you the ability to control who sees your blocks and when they display. This first “Block Controls” setting allows you to schedule blocks to publish and unpublish. Every…

PublishPress Blocks Pro Has Dozens of New Features

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been working on a large number of improvements to PublishPress Blocks Pro. In the latest version, you’ll see dozens of new design, layout, and alignment options, plus lots of other improvements. Almost all of the ideas for improvements have come from PublishPress users. Here’s a rundown of the new…

How to Use Nested Blocks in the Gutenberg Editor

Nested blocks are a really useful feature in the Gutenberg editor. If you haven’t used them yet, you almost certainly will when the new “Full-Site Editing” changes arrive in WordPress 5.8. At that point, you will be able to build complete webpages in Gutenberg and I guarantee you’ll be using nested blocks. Nested blocks makes…

Collaborative Editing is a Really Difficult Challenge in WordPress

Here at PublishPress, we’re focused on the publishing experience in WordPress. And there’s interesting news on the horizon for WordPress publishers. Matt Mullenweg and the WordPress team want to bring Google Docs-style editing to the new editor in Gutenberg Phase 3. This means that multiple people can be updating the same document at the same…