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Custom post types are variations of the default “Posts” and “Pages” in WordPress. You can configure these new post types to have a different set of features. These post types can have with different custom fields and characteristics and can have unique names. For example, if you create post type called “Testimonials” that features customer reviews and has fields for the name and photo of each customer.

Content Display is the Best Block to Showcase Your WordPress Content

Content Display

The PublishPress Blocks plugin just got a big upgrade!

This plugin now features the best content block in WordPress.

If you think that's hyperbole, you should give it a try. PublishPress Blocks is free on WordPress.org.

The block I'm talking about is called “Content Display“. This block allows you to show posts, pages and other content types in many beautiful layouts.

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How to Add Authors to WooCommerce Products

Authors Woocommerce

By default, WooCommerce products don't show the default “Authors” feature in WordPress.

The WooCommerce developers made this choice for a good reason. Posts, Pages and other content normally need an “author”. However, eCommerce products might have a “Vendor” or “Manufacturer”, but not often an “author”.

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Use Author Data to Automatically Create WordPress Tags

Authors Tags 1

This week, one PublishPress customer was in a situation where they needed to create Tags based on the Authors of a post.

The goal was that when someone writes a post, their name was automatically added as a Tag.

Once this was done, the customer could use the Tags to trigger other functionality. For example, they could use PublishPress notifications to send an email for any post that has the Tag for specific authors.

We wrote some code that automatically adds Author details as Tags. You can pull any information from your Author profiles and use that to create Tags.

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How to Add Permissions to WordPress Custom Post Types

Post Types Permissions

A large number of PublishPress users have sites with custom post types.

Sometimes this is done using custom code. Sometimes it's done with a theme. Sometimes it's done with a plugin.

However, although these methods can provide many features, they rarely deal with permissions. This can be important … these custom post types often hold sensitive information.

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Your Guide to the Autosave Feature for WordPress Posts


If you write blog posts in your browser, you have probably had the gut-wrenching experience of losing content.

Maybe your browser crashed. Perhaps your internet connection dropped.

But when you went back to your post, your content was missing. Ouch!

Fortunately, autosaves are a WordPress feature that can help you avoid losing your content.

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