Custom Post Types

Custom post types are variations of the default “Posts” and “Pages” in WordPress. You can configure these new post types to have a different set of features. These post types can have with different custom fields and characteristics and can have unique names. For example, if you create post type called “Testimonials” that features customer reviews and has fields for the name and photo of each customer.

Content Display is the Best Block to Showcase Your WordPress Content

The PublishPress Blocks plugin just got a big upgrade! This plugin now features the best content block in WordPress. If you think that’s hyperbole, you should give it a try. PublishPress Blocks is free on The block I’m talking about is called “Content Display“. This block allows you to show posts, pages and other content…

How to Add Permissions to WordPress Custom Post Types

A large number of PublishPress users have sites with custom post types. Sometimes this is done using custom code. Sometimes it’s done with a theme. Sometimes it’s done with a plugin. However, although these methods can provide many features, they rarely deal with permissions. This can be important … these custom post types often hold…

How to Create an Image Slider with Gutenberg and PublishPress Blocks

The Advanced Slider block in PublishPress Blocks lets you create image sliders (carousels) to present them on posts, pages, or even custom post types on your WordPress site. After finishing this tutorial, you will be able to insert an image slider in the Gutenberg editor, and configure all its settings. Let’s start!

Capability Manager Enhanced Now Has Far More Flexible Permissions

Update: this plugin is now called “PublishPress Capabilities”. Capability Manager Enhanced is one of the most popular permissions plugins for WordPress. We acquired the plugin in February and are working hard on improvements. Our goal is to create a suite of powerful publishing plugins for WordPress. Capability Manager Enhanced is key to that goal.