Content Display is the Best Block to Showcase Your WordPress Content

The PublishPress Blocks plugin just got a big upgrade!

This plugin now features the best content block in WordPress.

If you think that's hyperbole, you should give it a try. PublishPress Blocks is free on

The block I'm talking about is called “Content Display“. This block allows you to show posts, pages and other content types in many beautiful layouts.

You also have dozens of different ways to customize your content. You can filter your content by author, category or tag. You can add many types of data to your layouts including posted date, updated date, images, authors, excerpts, intro text, comments and more.

After you install PublishPress Blocks, you can add the Content Display block to your posts:

Content Display
Content Display

Using the the toolbar on top of the block, you can choose between six views:

  1. Grid (demo)
  2. Frontpage (demo)
  3. List (demo)
  4. Masonry (demo)
  5. Newspaper (demo)
  6. Slider (demo)
Content Dispay Toolbar
Content Dispay Toolbar

You can see some demos in the links above. And I've added some more demos below – these are pulling directly from PublishPress blogs posts.

But the best way to see this in action is to install PublishPress Blocks and check out the Content Display block. Here's the link again.

This block really is the best way to showcase your posts in the Gutenberg editor.

The Newspaper View

The Newspaper option is designed to mimic many news and magazine sites. For example, you have a large story on the left and three smaller stories on the right. Or you could have the lead story on the right, and four small stories on the left. There are over a dozen different layouts available, all designed to mimic popular news sites.

The Masonry View

The Masonry option will adjust the layout automatically for posts of different lengths. This is the perfect option to showcase a mix of different stories.

The Grid View

The Grid option provides a more standard layout than the two options below. All your posts are displayed in regular rows and columns, unlike the Masonry view above.

Revisions in the WordPress Database

Over the last few years, our team has written several tutorials that help you find key information in the WordPress database. Here are some of those guides: Use
Read More

The List View

The List option is similar to the Grid view above, but with only one a single column.

What's next for PublishPress Blocks?

Over the next few week, we'll add more new features to PublishPress Blocks. The Content Display block will have full support for custom post types. And you'll be able to control viewing permissions for each block. There are also smaller features coming such as the ability to show authors their own posts.

If you'd like to see any new features to extend Gutenberg, please let us know in the comments below.


  1. This is great – to be perfectly honest, if this had been available six weeks ago, I might not be using Divi+Extra theme now.

    One feature request: is it possible to automatically limit images to a certain size or aspect ratio, and auto-crop ones that don’t fit? We have a bunch of featured images which are tall portrait orientation in the media library, but our theme automatically crops them – we’d need to go back and redo a bunch of them if we started using this block, as it currently stands.


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