Show All Your PublishPress Authors on One Page

One of the most common requests we've had from users of the PublishPress Authors plugin is the ability to show all your authors on one page.

This is now possible with big improvements to the [authors_list] shortcode. This update arrives in PublishPress Authors version 3.20.

The [authors_list] shortcode now comes with a variety of different views. In this guide, I'll introduce you to the new views and give you the resources to use them on your site.

One option is to show your authors, together with their most recent posts. This image below shows the “Recent” view. Each author has their name, profile image, and five most recent posts.

Authors List
Authors List

Another new option is to use the “Index” view which will organize your authors alphabetically. This screenshot below shows the “Index” view. If you click on any of the letters, you'll be able to drill down to view only the authors whose names begin with that letter. Here's the shortcode for this option:

[publishpress_authors_list layout="authors_index"]

Authors Index
Authors Index

You can also use any of the default layouts available in Authors. This next screenshot shows the authors with the simple_list layout. The shortcode for this option is below:

[publishpress_authors_list layout="simple_list"]

Authors List Simple 1
Authors List Simple 1

Finally, this screenshot shows the authors list with the inline layout. The shortcode for this is here:

[publishpress_authors_list layout="inline"]

Authors Inline
Authors Inline

Sorting and Filtering the Authors

There's a wide variety of ways you can sort and filter the authors display. Let's see some examples.

You can control the number of authors per page using limit_per_page="12". So this shortcode will use the Boxed layout and show 5 authors per page:

[publishpress_authors_list layout="boxed" limit_per_page="5"]

You can also hide authors if they don't have any assigned posts using show_empty="0". This shortcode will use the Simple List layout and only show authors who have written posts:

[publishpress_authors_list layout="simple_list" show_empty="0"]

You can also order the display by the number of posts or the name of each author. This will display the authors in the inline layout and the authors will the most posts will be listed first:

[publishpress_authors_list layout="inline" orderby="count" order=”desc”]

The Authors List Widget

All the the features we've mentioned in this post are also available in the “Authors List” widget:

Authors List Widget Update
Authors List Widget Update

Check out the PublishPress Authors plugin

There have been tons of improvements to PublishPress Authors recently. Here's a list of what's launched and what is coming next:

If you have a WordPress site with multiple authors, you should give PublishPress Authors a try. You'll find it's becoming the most complete solution for showing authors in WordPress.

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